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You can meet one of our animals by coming to one of our adoption events at the Harbison PetSmart most Saturdays between 12:00-4:00 PM.  Please e-mail us at to make sure the animal you are interested in will be coming to the adoption event.  You can arrange to meet the animals at other times also by contacting us via e-mail.  We will put you in contact with the animal's foster to set this up.

If you are interested in adopting one of our animals, we have an application and contract process.  We ask each potential adopter to fill out an application.  The application is composed of questions that help us to make the best match between animal and potential new home.  We use this process to help ensure that you are getting a new family member who will best fit your lifestyle and expectations.  There may be times when we encourage potential adopters to consider an animal other than the first one in which they expressed interest.  This is not done as any kind of criticism or judgement on the potential adopter.  Rather, it is a realistic evaluation of the animal's physical and emotional character and a recognition that some animals require a specific home environment.

Once the application is submitted, we review it and contact references.  We try to complete this in a timely manner. If we believe the potential adopter may be a good match with the animal, we encourage all family members to meet and interact with the pet.  If the match is successful, a pet contract is completed by the adopter.  We will do a follow-up call within the weeks following the adoption to see how things are going.  We encourage adopters to contact us with any questions as they integrate the animal into their family.  It takes effort to bring a new family member into the home.  Often there are small bumps in the road that can easily be corrected if addressed quickly.  The original foster mom/dad can be a great resource for the adopting family in this process.  In those instances where despite all efforts, it is clear that the new family member isn't fitting in well, ARC takes the animal back no questions asked.  It does help us if you can identify the issues that we need to address with the animal, but ARC takes all animals back, regardless of time or issue.

Below are links to both our cat application and dog application.

Cat Application

Dog Application

Download and save the appropriate application, fill it out on your computer and e-mail completed form to us for evaluation.