Animal Rescue Carolina, Inc.
P.O. Box 210668
Columbia, SC 29221

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  Animal Rescue Carolina, Inc.

Who We Are and What We do


The rescue was formed in 2010 by a small group of volunteers with many years experience working with other local organizations.  We were brought together by a common belief that the focus of the rescue should be on the individual animal; not in counting numbers.  PacquiaoAll were constantly coming across animals in dire circumstances in the community. We believe every animal, regardless of breed, age, adoptability or cuteness-factor, deserves a safe, loving home and family.  To that end, we created the rescue to provide an outlet for finding homes and families for these often over-looked animals. 

We have focused on developing a network of foster homes to help in the rehabilitation of the animals the rescue takes in. Datch's babies A home environment is far superior to a kennel environment when evaluating and caring for these animals who are often not only physically scarred, but also in need of emotional TLC.  The constant interaction with people and other animals in a home environment has remarkable healing qualities.